Spice up your Easter Celebrations in three simple ways!

Easter is just around the corner and it’s such an amazing time of year! Most of us have lasting family memories from years gone by, involving fun, laughter, and probably way too much chocolate! (As if that’s ever a thing!)

Well if you’re after a few ways to spice up your Easter celebrations this year, or just want to add to family traditions, we have three super easy and fun ways lined up for you!

Decorate real eggs

This is something that my family has been doing for generations now and it has been so fun over the years looking back at our old eggs! Some of the designs are a little crazy, but it’s so amazing to see the history once they’re all hanging up!

The process is super simple – all you have to do is get the whitest eggs possible, blow them out (we’ve got a clip to show you how), and then decorate! Oh yeah, and in order to hang your eggs all you need is some thread and toothpicks. These instructions are just below…

  1. Break a toothpick in half (use one half per egg).
  2. Get some sewing thread and tie it to the centre of the toothpick piece, ensuring there is a loop at the top for the egg to be hung on.
  3. Finally push the toothpick piece with the thread attached through the hole at the top of the egg. Make sure you hang on to some of the thread for hanging. That’s it!

Make your own nests

No matter what type of home you’re living in you can definitely make your own Easter nest! You can honestly use anything at all. In my family over the years we’ve seen nests outside made from grass clippings, ivy, leaves, willow, young branches like the one above – even wood and bricks! If you’d prefer having your nest inside, why not make a newspaper nest? They’re super easy. All you do is layer newspaper pages so they form a circle, and then begin rolling in each edge. Have some sticky tape handy in case the edges pop out, and because they’re paper they’re super easy to decorate too!

Have an Easter egg hunt

You are never too old for an Easter egg hunt or trail! No matter how old your guests are, or how much room you have, whether it’s raining or the sun is shining, this is such a fun Easter tradition! Just use your imagination and to make it extra special. You could always play some fun music or have hunting bags ready to go?

Well we hope you’ve enjoy these three simple ways to spice up your Easter traditions this year? There is so much joy surrounding these festivities, and so much fun to be had with the ones you love.

From all of us at Unfading Beauty we wish you the best Easter yet!

x x

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