Grab your runners for Park Run – A weekly, community event, held worldwide!

Running – whether you’re a beginner or advanced – is some of the most rewarding exercise there is. It gets you outside breathing fresh air and is completely budget friendly! Well in 2004 in Teddington UK, 13 avid runners decided to share their weekly routine with their community. It was a chance for others to get involved and participate – and all for free.

Now we fast forward sixteen years and Park Run spans 24 countries around the world, has a state-of-the-art barcode system where you can track ANY Park Run you participate in, and has truly helped people come together for the greater good of wellbeing.

Even if you’re not a runner, come along with friends or family and walk! The courses are mostly 5km, and are only timed so you can track your own personal progress. Results are posted on each countries website as well to motivate you!

So if you’re interested in grabbing your runners and going for a walk or run, then get involved today! This is such a wonderful family event and it is so beautiful to see everyone coming together on Saturday mornings as a community.

For more information about Park Run, click on the button below.

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