23 things to keep you busy during lock down or social distancing

There’s no doubt about it that the world is going through a lot at the moment. And although we’ve all been banning together, supporting each other, and breaking down barriers that used to divide us, we’re all still mostly unsure of what is going to happen. For some of us it has reached the point that to be the safest possible with the information we have, we need to be in lock down at home, or have chosen to socially distance ourselves.

No matter how you spin it though lock down or social separation can be tough. After all, the things we used to do that centred us just aren’t available anymore – or at least for the moment. So here are some ways to use your time, and prevent yourself from going crazy with cabin fever!

  1. Plan: Map out each day you’re at home with what you’re going to do (food as well if you need to). Teachers do this all the time at school and it works wonders. Use some of the activities below and give yourself structure! You’ll also feel like you’ve accomplished something once each day finishes!
  2. Organise: Why not use your time to sort through all of those cupboards and drawers that manage to get filled with random stuff? That way once you’re out of lock down you’ll have the most beautiful, clean and sorted home!
  3. Stay in touch: We may be separating ourselves from each other, but that doesn’t mean we can’t connect through the MANY ways available to us. Phone calls and messages are the answer – why not merge some calls and chat as a group too?
  4. Board Games: Most of us have board games lying around at home so why not use this time to play them? Play one game a day and enjoy reminiscing of past playing fun.
  5. Gaming time: If you have a PC, Xbox, Playstation or Switch, use some time to play your favourite video game and build up your score or progress. If you’re not a massive gamer why not give it a go? After all there’s no better time than now.
  6. Build LEGO: Lego is great but building in any way is super fun. Set yourself a goal whether it be building from scratch or building a particular model. Listen to some music and just enjoy the experience!
  7. Baking: Even though supplies might be low, if you have some spare random ingredients why not do some baking or cooking? Spend time enjoying the process, listen to music, and create your very own Masterchef Mystery Box experience!
  8. At home exercise: Use your body weight to exercise at home to keep yourself fit. There are many apps and YouTube clips to follow, ranging from beginners to advanced. There’s also standard workouts or fun things like Zumba to make things fun!
  9. Gardening: If you’re able to go outside, why not spend time regularly in the garden for fresh, clean air.
  10. Reading: Revisit some classics or discover some new books you didn’t have time to read – which most of us have! You can also get fantastic apps like audible which make reading possible in any situation!
  11. Blogging: Start your own blog! It’s so much fun, super easy and a great way to pass time and connect with others.
  12. Painting or craft: Use what you have at home to begin a new hobby or craft. Painting is so calming and Pinterest has some great ideas to use things around the home for DIY projects too.
  13. Colouring: Mindfulness colouring is something you can’t go past. There’s a reason why it is a recommended tool for resetting and calming yourself. It is so much fun and brings you back to your childhood!
  14. Make-up techniques: Okay ladies, why not use some time to learn some new make-up techniques? It’s the perfect opportunity to try some new looks and experiment without feeling that pressure of needing to be ready by a certain time. FYI we love Kelly Strack for her down-to-earth nature and fun YouTube clips. Get on it!
  15. Marathons: TV and movie marathons are a must! Catch up on that TV series you’ve always been missing. Watch your favourite movie sagas in order – you’ve now got all the time you need! Eg. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings etc.
  16. Signature cocktails: Okay, now please don’t get too crazy with this one, but mixing some new cocktails might be fun? Don’t be over the top and be responsible but use what you have to make a signature drink for future dinner parties.
  17. Change your furniture: This might just be the perfect time to redecorate…using what you already have! Pretend you are a brilliant designer and look at your home with a new perspective. Maybe your bedroom could be a sitting room and the sitting room could be your new bedroom? Maybe your dining table could be moved or your living room could be changed? Be bold! Be confident! Whatever happens you can always change it back, but do things you wouldn’t usually do. After all you might just surprise yourself and end up with a whole new way of living. Design Trick: Once you’re happy with your new look take away one accessory.
  18. Go Natural: Day in and day out we’re always using make-up and hair products, so why not go natural and let your face and hair breathe? Even if you try some new make-up looks, be sure to remove and cleanse well. When it comes to your hair try not to wash it for a while to let your scalp reset its natural oil balance for the future.
  19. Learn: This sounds so simple but you could use some time to learn something new? Take a class, research an area of interest – the sky really is the limit! We LOVE Masterclass because you get to learn from the best. Anytime. Anywhere. Click here for more information.
  20. At home spa: Google ways to create face masks and pampering things to do at home. Grab some moisturiser, hot water and a tub and give your feet a rest – they’ll thank you once things start up again after this crazy time out we’re in.
  21. Music: Belt out your favourite tunes in every part of your day. If you’re relaxing listen to some instrumental jazz, if you’re cooking pump out your favourite pop tunes. Whatever takes your fancy really! Karaoke is also super fun too!
  22. YouTube: Obviously we love YouTube and all it has to offer. There are some great videos and things to watch and learn from, particularly to pass the time.
  23. Look to the future: This is by far the most important – please don’t forget what the future holds for you! We’re all dealing with this differently but remember that we will beat it and we do have amazing futures in front of us. Don’t forget to plan and dream for new beginnings. Be informed. Be safe. Be sensible. And always remember to err on the side of caution of you’re unsure.

We’ll be thinking and praying for everyone who’s facing this, and to all of our fellow beauties who read our posts and explore our site. Don’t forget to share this with others because we’re all in this together and ultimately – no matter what happens in life – we always want to restore our brightness, vitality and strength each day.

Much love always,

The Unfading Beauty team.

x x

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