9 Design tips for rearranging your home during lock down

Being stuck at home doesn’t have to be a drag. Sure it’s definitely hard being in the same space all day, but one great thing that can come from it is redesigning your home! Even if you’re not the most creative person, why not have some fun and just move furniture around? See your home differently. See it for all the possibilities it has!

Here are some of our must-do design tips…

Be Daring

It’s really important to just have a go and to not be afraid. The worst that can happen is that you just put everything back in its place – which we’ve all got time for at the moment! The best thing is that you discover a new way of living in your home – and you’ll have a blast as well!

Don’t always put furniture against the walls

One common mistake particularly seen in living rooms is to place furniture against the walls. Although you might think it makes a space look bigger, moving some of the furniture in (like the couch) can make the space seem bigger because it draws your eyes in and doesn’t outline the parameters of the space.

Group things in odd numbers with different heights

When grouping items it’s good to always have an odd number. It’s much more balanced and has a more streamlined and designer feel. Make sure as well that you have them all at different heights. Design is all about how your eyes travel around the space, so if everything is at one height the space will seem flat without dimension.

Clean as you go

It’s such a good idea to clean as you go – which includes decluttering, vacuuming and dusting. If you do this then not only will you finish with a beautiful new space, but it’ll be fresh and clean as well!

Change your rooms perspective

Some people have literally had their furniture in the same place for years. Moving furniture around allows you to change the perspective of how you see your room and can change how it’s used. Keep traffic flow in mind and how the space functions, but don’t be scared to change the TV location, or move the bed to another wall.

Use what you have

Most people have amazing and unique things at home, which are perfect for decorating at home – after all your home is a space for you. It tells your story and shows how you live. It’s your sanctuary and castle. Don’t feel like you have to have sterile and cookie-cutter decor. Once your furniture is placed, use things around the home as accent pieces. Eg. Instead of using a glass in the kitchen for drinking, you could use it in the living room with a candle inside? Or use your favourite serving tray on a coffee table with a pile of books and a small plant for that lived in, cosy look?

Create zones

Most of us have open spaces at home, which serve multiple functions. If this is you make sure you create different zones using your furniture. This actually makes the space seem bigger because your eye is drawn to multiple areas which are defined, as opposed to one area with the furniture all the same way. Use angles and positioning furniture in different ways to create them. For example angle your dining table completely different to your coffee table and couches. If you’re daring you could even have your table on the diagonal!

Be inventive

When designing your home look at what you already have and see if it could fit in somewhere else? A bookshelf in one room could look beautiful in the kitchen/dining area to display your beautiful glassware or crockery? A sitting chair in the living room could help your bedroom to be cosy? A small table in a study could come out and be used as a home bar with a nice serving tray and your favourite whisky and shot glasses?

Utilise your vertical space

Finally, utilise your vertical space. This sounds fancy but really means that it’s good to position things so that when you look at your space, everything isn’t all at one height in the room. For a living room, try not to have the height of the couch, the same as the height of the lamp, plant and sitting chair. If you have these things all at the same height try to change some by maybe stacking a few books on the side table and sitting the lamp on top of them? You could get a plant stand or side table to sit your favourite plant on so it becomes more of a feature? Find some of your favourite pictures and hang them up? All of these things will help keep your space from looking flat and keep your eyes moving.

Remember to ultimately have fun and enjoy the process. It’s not meant to be draining. You might even discover a hidden passion you never knew existed, or find things to bring back memories of the past.

Make sure you tell us how you went, and stay safe and healthy.


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