Finding it hard to cope during lock down? Here are 4 strategies to help you not just survive – but thrive!

One of the biggest battles for some of us at the moment is feeling alone and almost claustrophobic. Feelings of isolation and quietness – even a stillness at home that just isn’t comforting at all. Well today’s post is all about the importance of structure, and how to attack each day.

So here are four tips on making it through the tough and potential long-term challenge of lock-down…

1. Create a daily schedule

Creating a schedule of your day is so helpful! Teachers do this all the time to help structure their days so why wouldn’t we do it as well? Make a list of all the things you’d like to do over the week, then map out each day. You can break down each day in timely blocks, and add things like cooking, exercising, cleaning, sorting, colouring, watching a movie, sleeping, reading, shopping for groceries or DIY.

2. Set goals and inspirations for each day

Take some time each morning to think about what you’re trying to achieve each day and what inspires you. It might be to have a screen-free day, an exercise focused day, a cleaning day, or a day outside. The sky is the limit with how many goals and inspirations you might have. At the end of your day you can then spend time looking at what you achieved and reflect on some great things that happened! Record everything on a device or in a notebook/journal, so that in the future you can look back at what happened and how you stayed sane! More importantly you could always use this to help friends, family or neighbours who might be struggling in lock-down.

3. Have an overall goal

Instead of seeing this season of lock-down at home as being held captive, try and decide what you want this time to be for? How do you want to best use it? For most of the world we are all able to go outside and exercise – so why not focus on improving your physical health during this time? Mental health is also so important in living your best life, so why not experiment with ways to improve your mental health? Try something new whether it be meditations or mindfulness drawing? There’s always the classic cleaning your house option. Be crazy and use this time to sort through all of your stuff and create piles for charity, throw things in the bin, and re-organise – just think how ready for normal life you’ll be once this is all over?!

4. Have fun!

See this time as a blessing! Have fun! Enjoy sleep ins! Enjoy time with your loved ones at home! Start a new hobby! Rediscover your favourite books! Fall in love with your garden all over again! Whatever brings you joy and reinvigorates your spirit, that is what this time is used for. We’re always saying that we wish we could do this at home or spend time doing this and that. Time is a gift these days as we’re always running around from A to B. Use this time wisely. Use it to brighten yourself. Use it to reconnect. If you do that then by the end of this challenging time we’re all facing, you’ll be able to see the sunshine that came from it.

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