Unable to get to the HAIRDRESSER? Here’s how to do it yourself and FEEL FABULOUS again!

Everyone around the world has suddenly adopted a new way of ‘normal’, and for all the ladies out there one of our favourite things has vanished – getting our hair done! So today we wanted to show you some tried and tested ways to get that salon feeling to feel FABULOUS again!

As you might already know we never post about anything that we haven’t already tried ourselves – and this is no exception! Not long ago both of us reached the point where we just couldn’t take it any longer. Adam’s hair was long and itchy, and my hair was way too long, felt like straw and the colour had grown out really badly.

So after discovering a few things we took matters into our own hands.

FOR SHORT DO’S… A classic buzz cut

Here are the steps below if your short hair needs a tidy, or if you’re feeling like a drastic change. Adam’s hair is very think and almost feels like carpet when it gets long, so a buzz cut was perfect for him. This would also work if your hair was fine or thin as well, due to the even finish the clippers give.

The Steps…

  1. Grab a set of good hair clippers.
  2. Choose the size comb you’d like.
  3. Find a spot in the house where you don’t mind the hair mess, and make sure you have a brush, mirror, dust pan and brush as well.
  4. Begin shaving and take a systematic approach. Begin at the top and cut from front to back, then do each of the sides moving upwards to ensure the hair gets evenly cut.
  5. Once you’ve shaved the hair, randomly go over the entire scalp with the clippers, to ensure every hair is trimmed – sometimes you can miss a few so this is a great tip.
  6. For the neck and ears take the comb off, and use the clippers to cut the hair at the base of the neck to give it a straight line. For behind the ears, use the end of the clippers to ever so gently cut a clean line.
  7. Now brush off the excess hair and you’re done! Woo!

Here are our before and after pics so you can see the difference.

FOR LONGER DO’S… The classic blunt cut

For my hair I decided that a cut and colour was necessary. My ends felt like straw, the colour had faded and I had split ends for days! I felt miserable and really needed a boost – and a visit to the hairdresser always did that!

After deciding to go for it I thought that it was the perfect time for a colour change as well, so I headed out to the shops and grabbed a box of L’Oreal Excellence. Now I chose to do the colouring first to get a full understanding of what my face would look like with a newer hair tone, and then I was going to cut to see the finished product.

Colouring your hair…

I absolutely LOVE my hair and I know from previous chats to my hairdresser that boxed dyes aren’t the best thing to use. However I have used them in the past (many, many, many years ago) and I know that they’re not horrific from time to time when necessary. After COVID-19 restrictions ease I fully intend on going back to my amazing hairdresser and getting it professionally done.

Anyway, here’s what you need to know for colouring your own hair.

First of all I chose L’Oreal Excellence Creme hair colour range as it is a higher end product and much more reliable and easy to use – colouring your hair is something you don’t want to skimp on if possible! This particular brand also has a large colour range and can usually be found at most supermarkets (markets) and chemists (drug stores), with a retail price of around AUD$20.

So now I had the hair dye it was just a matter of following the instructions and getting it done. Adam was home to help me colour it so if someone can help you that’s great, if not you can easily do it by yourself as well. I’d also make sure you’re in the bathroom or somewhere that’s easy to clean if you have any accidental spills, and pop some vaseline around your hairline where you don’t want dye to go.


Don’t stress!! It happened to me and won’t stay on there forever – not even an extra day! All you need to do is gently mix some bicarb soda and dish washing liquid into a container, then get a damp cloth and gently rub the stained skin – just don’t rub too hard so your skin becomes damaged!

Cutting your hair…

My objective here was to make sure it didn’t look like I had a fight with a lawn mover! After all I was trying to feel fabulous not botched! I did some investigating and thought that my best chance was to find a professional on YouTube and let them guide me through it – and that’s when I struck GOLD! I found Brad Mondo.

What an answer to prayer! His YouTube channel has 4.9 million subscribers and he is a second generation hairdresser with his own product line (XMondo Hair) – and has pizzazz and a great humor to boot! After watching his tutorial I knew I was going to have fun doing this, and not be drenched in fear.

So I went into the bathroom with some proper hairdressing scissors (purchased from Hairhouse for AUD$29.95), a small mirror and my phone to watch each step.

Here’s how I did it…


The first picture was taken before anything had happened. My hair was too long, felt like straw and had so many split ends with faded colour. The second photo was taken just after colouring my hair. It felt so much better but was in definite need of a trim! The last photo was the final result. Both colouring and cutting were over, and I was so happy with the end product! My hair now feels strong, thick and healthy again, and I definitely feel FABULOUS!


What a whirlwind something as simple as hair has been during iso life, but I am so thankful for the experience. The next time I see my hairdresser I’m going to bring her some flowers or something just to say thank you for all she does – because I really missed it, and I’m sure you do too. Whatever the situation I hope this has inspired you to be daring and just give it a go. Cut your own hair! Dye your own hair! Do something different and have fun to feel fabulous again!

*Eveyone’s hair is extremely different so please do not try these things at home if you have any medical conditions which can be effected by the above treatments. Seek professional advice prior to attempting if you have any reservations, and be safe.

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