8 ways to help you cope with GRIEF and HARDSHIP during Covid-19?

One of the hardest things to go through, no matter who you are or where you live, is grief and hardship. Whether it’s unexpected or not, it can take you down a rabbit hole of uncertainty and sadness. A time that’s thrust upon you. We’re living in an unknown time at the moment and one of the hardest parts about Covid-19 is losing loved ones, and feeling hopeless and lost.

In the past 12 weeks my family has lost 6 loved ones. Some close friends, one beloved pet of 15 years, and most of all beloved grandparents. No one knew on New Years Day 2020, that the first six months would be so hard – and maybe they have been for you too?

For whatever reason, you’re having to process hard times. Maybe someone you love has passed, maybe a loved one is sick? Maybe you’ve lost your job? Please know that you’re not alone. Even though we might all be at home under restrictions, we’re still in this together.

Even though everyone is different and needs to process things in their own way, at The Unfading Beauty Co. we’re here for you and we hope the following tips can help you through this.

So here they are…


Make sure that you don’t go through this alone. Talk to a friend, seek out a professional if need be, or even pray. We’ve even done the ground work for you! Head to our SUPPORT page where you’ll find contact information or even just some online resources to help.


I know this might scare some of you away but prayer really is amazing and such a wonderful support during tough times. You don’t need to be perfect! You don’t need to be a Christian! You don’t need to have all the answers! You don’t need to even go to church or believe in God! Prayer can be done any time, anywhere and by anyone! No matter what you believe we believe that God is always there to offer support and strength. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve survived hardship purely due to the strength God has given me. It’s been incredible! Why not give it a go today? You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain! For more information head to our FAITH page now.


One of the best ways to get you through tough times is to smile! It seems counter-intuitive but watching comedies, funny apps, games that make you laugh, or reading blogs like ours can lift you up and change your mindset for the better.


Find something you love to do! Try out some puzzles, go for walks, go droning, try watercolour painting, build some LEGO, try gaming, read a great book or try some DIY projects from Pinterest. The list is endless but the goal is to find something that is just for you. Something that relaxes you and brings you back to a positive place.


Healthy body, healthy mind. That’s basically it! There are sooooo many studies that prove the effect of a healthy body leading to a healthy mind, and that exercise helps prevent depressive states. If you’re trying this for the first time, just take it one step at a time. Don’t rush and go ‘all-in’ straight away because this is a marathon not a sprint


One thing that’s really helped during this season is to write down or talk about your sad/challenging thoughts and counteract them with positive things. For example when my grandma passed away we couldn’t have more than 10 people at the funeral. It was completely devastating and sad to not be there, however I counteracted it with this thought; isn’t is great that we live in a time where live-streaming is possible, and that it can reach people who wouldn’t usually be able to attend (overseas)? It can definitely be hard to do but redirecting your mindset really really helps.


This doesn’t mean going cold turkey and not being a part of the world – because for some of us that’s what relaxes us when we can’t go out ourselves! This just means that if you find yourself feeling down whilst on Facebook looking at everyone’s highlight reel, then have a break for a while. I did this to escape highlight reels, covid conspiracies and unnecessary dramatic news. If it gets you down, stay away.

*In terms of vital covid-19 information we still recommend staying informed by listening to decision makers and those in authoritative positions.


If someone asks, it’s okay to say that things aren’t fantastic! Don’t be too proud or embarrassed to tell the truth. I used to pretend that everything was okay and it was completely exhausting! Be honest and true to what is happening in life. This change opens you up in new ways and allows people to be there for you. You might even find that it encourages others to share their struggles with you because you’ve stepped out and been vulnerable.

So with all that said we hope this helps? Helps you to cope with the mountain in front of you, or the storm that you feel like you’re in. Above all else remember that you can do this. You can get through it and come out stronger on the other side – and more often than not you will probably be able to help others who might experience similar things in the future.

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