Are your kids going BACK TO SCHOOL? Here are 3 TIPS to help with the transition!

Whether your kids are older or younger we want to say a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS on surviving the intense time that was homeschooling and online learning! You did it!

Now comes the relief of being able to send them to school again with some restrictions easing. However this might be making some of you nervous as well. Realistically school is definitely NOT going to be the same, and this will probably be a big shock to them when they return. From a teaching perspective it almost feels like a military operation!

So here are 3 simple things you can do to help both them, and yourself with the transition back to school.

Have a chat about what’s happening

This is one of the most simplest things you can do – just have a chat. Let them know that things will probably not be the same and that there are special things they will need to do in order to stay safe, healthy and stay at school. Whether your kids are older or younger, having a conversation with them opens the doors for them to ask questions and feel safe to do so. As a teacher, it’s amazing to hear some of the questions they have and where their minds are going. They might even sound random to you, however it’ll help reduce their anxiety which will be best in the long run!

Here are some posters and information you can download for help or to show your kids. They are from Australia, however they will definitely be applicable no matter where you live.

*Resource credits at bottom of each document.

Do something special to mark the occasion

Build up the excitement in returning back to school. Help them to see that it’s a great thing that’s happening! In some cultures on your first day at school they give little school related presents (Eg. special school snacks or stationary). You could get a treat for their lunch, a new pencil case, a hot chocolate before school from a cafe’, or they could choose what to have for breakfast or dinner that day? It doesn’t have to be expensive at all, but it will mark it in their minds as something special and something to look forward to!

Get everything ready the night before

This will hopefully solve two problems; kids being upset in the morning and running out of time! We’ve all been at home for such a long period and usually we’ve been able to leisurely get up, work or learn in our pj’s, and not have to worry about packing lunches and school bags. Preparing the night before will definitely help you with the morning routine, and also help them emotionally to avoid any upset, tantrums and maybe even tears.

Hopefully these 3 simple tips can help with a smooth transition back to school – for both you and your kids! It’s been a massive season so remember to do something for yourself each day to restore that brightness and vitality that we all know you have!

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