How to be effortlessly ON TREND and ON BUDGET this season in 6 simple ways!

Sprucing up your wardrobe is something that just makes you feel amazing. It helps you to feel refreshed and revitalised to tackle whatever you’re up against!

With every new season you can find amazing pieces that can change your look, but we can’t always afford to buy everything we want. So whether you’re welcoming in winter or summer today, here are 6 simple things you can do to stay on trend and budget friendly this season!


Accessories are such an easy and simple way to be on trend no matter what season you’re in. Think hats, earrings, bracelets, bangles, scarves! All it takes are some key pieces to enhance any seasonal look, and best of all they’re available in every price range.

** TIP of the day… try an op shop or thrift store for some affordable beauties…once they’re open again of course!

It’s in the BAG

This is another one of our ‘go-to’ favourites – a seasonal bag! Bag design is just as impressionable as your clothes and can create a perfect signature seasonal look. They’re also affordable in many price ranges and best of all come in different sizes for anyone’s personal preference. Think clutch, pouch, tote…the list is endless!


Shoes can make or break your outfit if you’re hoping to stay on trend and get that look for the season. Explore options in the style you’d like to wear and find one amazing pair that could go with many different outfits. There are options again in price ranges across the board, and cater for all different needs.

HAIR crazy

One thing we love about hair is that it can be changed and styled in so many ways – and at the end of the day if you’re not a fan of you’re new look you can just change it back again. First of all decide what type of length you’d like most – short, mid-length, long – then chat to your favourite hair dresser, friend or check online for what your options are. Make sure you take into account your facial shape, how much time you want to spend in the mornings, and the type of hair you have. If you’ve got fine hair like mine you’ll never be able to achieve the look of someone with thick hair!


Most of the time you will already have pieces in your wardrobe that would suit what’s happening this season. Have a look online, on Instagram or Pinterest for the latest fashion looks, and set aside what you have that fits in. That way you can build up your looks from that, and if you need to add new key pieces you can – without over spending and starting all over again!

MAKE-UP masterpieces

Doing some research to find the latest make-up trends will also help achieve the lastest on-trend looks. Make sure that through this process you see yourself as the beauty that you are, and only try to enhance the beautiful features you already have. Don’t try to be someone else or compare yourself to others who are completely different to you! You’re unique and amazing and the world is a better place because you’re here!

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