Discover the REAL YOU in 2 QUICK and SIMPLE ways

Knowing the real you is one of the best accessories you can have as a woman. It gives you a confidence, passion and zest for life that is immeasurable. Well we’ve discovered two very quick and simple ways to help you rediscover who you are, and give you insight into how you can live your best life!


This test may sound a tad over the top but it is really quite amazing! I did one online in no time and when I was finished it felt like I was reading all about myself!

For a real sense of who you are we highly recommend giving it a go. Gain an insight into why you tick the way you do. Let it help your relationships by understanding each other better. Let it help grow your friendships or even help you decide which career path to take. The list is endless and the best thing is that there are so many places online that break down each personality type – if you need more info all you have to do is Google it!

My result: ENFJ ‘The Teacher’

This indicates that I am mostly an extrovert, rely on intuition, are driven by my feelings and prefer a lifestyle led by decision-making (Judging).

The Details…

How long will it take?5-10 minutes
Do the results come straight away?Yes.
Is it easy to understand?Yes.


Our second test takes understanding who you are to another level. It breaks down your personality between each of the nine types, and gives you a percentage match for each. This really opens your eyes to the different facets of who you are. With a bit of research as well it can also give you a clear insight as to how you adapt and react to different situations.

Here are my results as an example, which shows that I am most like a type seven, but have prominent tendencies of types two and three as well.

Type One65% matchType Six63% match
Type Two81% matchType Seven99% match
Type Three76% matchType Eight72% match
Type Four52% matchType Nine55% match
Type Five52% match

The Details…

How long will it take?5-10 minutes
Do the results come straight away?Yes.
Is it easy to understand?Yes.

Engraved Coaching

For a more comprehensive and personalised report we highly recommend Engraved Coaching. Run by Cassie Hertan, a certified Enneagram Coach, Engraved Coaching takes you through your results and breaks down each of them to really help you understand your identity and who you truly are.

Sessions range from $60 to $100 and can be online based if need be. You can also book a FREE 30 minute consultation to get you started. Just head to their website for more information by clicking the button below.

So with that all of that said…be brave and be bold! Remember that you are an amazing woman with so much in front of you, and that the world is a better place because you’re here. These quick tests are just two ways to help you take that next step, take that leap of faith, or to help you see who you truly are – and who you truly are is a masterpiece.

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