How YOUTUBE helped a 16 YEAR OLD invent a solution for BREAST CANCER treatment!

Macinley Butson was an ordinary teenage girl. At sixteen she was studying at school and interested in the world around her. As a keen inventor she was always exploring how things worked and put random things together to find solutions for problems. Then being led by personal circumstances, and the help of YouTube, she invented something that was going to help women in need. Something to make life that little bit easier during what would be a very hard time.

Here is her story…

Macinley’s story is so inspirational. It shows us that no matter who you are, where you’re from, or how old you are, anything is possible. It also shows us that using the what we have around us, like YouTube, can really help us learn and grow!

For Macinley she dove into the world of science. For you it might be a new hobby you’re interested in? Or a new career you’re wanting to explore? It might even be as simple as getting through Covid-19 by doing some DIY projects around your home or working out in different ways!

YouTube is a vast ocean of possibility and this crazy time has really made us think about what we enjoy doing at home. It has forced us to explore new ways to occupy ourselves! So why not dive into the world of YouTube today? After all it’s free, you can access it pretty much anywhere, and it may just be your saving grace.

For me it has been such a life saver during iso. I’ve brushed up on my interior design skills, it’s taught me how to cut my hair, shown me new ways of exercising, and shed light on new ways of living! So be encouraged. You never know what could be around the corner and what you could learn or achieve – just like Macinley!

To help you start off we’ve got some of our favourite YouTube clips on our YouTube tab in our main menu.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is held in October each year.

If you would like to donate towards finding a cure for breast cancer, you can head to the Breast Cancer Network Australia. They also offer support for those living with Breast Cancer and their families.

**If you’re FEELING UNWELL or find anything unusual about your BREASTS, please see a medical professional. It may be an uncomfortable experience, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and we want nothing but the best for you. If you are suffering with Breast Cancer today, or have a loved one going through this, then we want you to know we’re here for you. Even though we’ll never meet you’re not alone. You are strong and you can get through this!



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